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Digital Designer


In today’s world, every commercial designer ought to be a ‘digital designer’ really. There are those of us out there for whom it comes more naturally though, and that’s who we’re looking for here.

With a rich heritage within brand communications, this is a design agency that’s the envy of many, with an awards list as long as your arm. As their ‘digitally-focused’ designer you’ll be an important part of maintaining that profile for years to come – helping to deliver cutting-edge, super-effective and sometimes game-changing work over all of the digital platforms.

The chance to do award-winning work isn’t the only reason to join this agency though. What makes them an even more attractive proposition is the culture they’ve created. They’re a team that really values the important things – balancing automony and independence with light structure and a guiding hand. A place that appreciates that we’ve all a balance to strike between our professional and personal lives. A team full of experts in their field and one that puts a great deal of trust in that expertise.

So what do you need?

Evidence of great, thought-provoking and – above all else – effective digital design solutions. Easy, eh? ;)

Specifically, I need to see a portfolio of work, across as broad a client base as possible, that delivers great ‘designed’ experiences in browser for desktop, mobile and tablet. I’d like to see some genuine, well-researched knowledge of how to deliver top-drawer user experiences too. And I want to see all of that wrapped up by a humble yet inquisitive attitude.

I’m aware this is a BIG wishlist but if you think you come close, I’d love to talk to you so drop me a line or give me a call. If you tick all the boxes, I’m confident you’ll not find a better place to ply your trade in the whole of the city.


Name: Darren
Telephone: 07967 129802
Published: 18th January, 2018