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Junior Designer


I’ve been toing a froing with what to write about this role for longer than seems reasonable – almost definitely because I’ve such admiration for what this agency does. Here goes nothing then…

So the practicalities first; based in Manchester, this is a relatively small design shop – 4 of them in total – including two founding partners that are still very much at the heart of the business. Their work is so much bigger than that though – working at boardroom level, with a range of big-name clients, they’re delivering work that’s much greater than the sum of their parts and – despite this being a (relatively) junior role – you’ll get a plenty of opportunities to get involved at the sharp end too.

In the past, I’ve described them as a ‘thinking man’s design agency’ and that’s down the partners – one is rooted in design thinking, the other, brand strategy and that means that they can not only deliver incredibly effective work but also work that really sings from design point of view – both conceptually and executionally.

And that’s where you come in. In many ways we’re looking for the moon on a stick here – a designer full of big, campaign leading ideas as well someone that can mix it with the best when it comes to bold, cutting-edge and effective executions. You’ll have some experience of what working in a real-world agency environment is like – ideally a year or two – but if you can blow me away with your attitude – as well as your work – I can be flexible on that.

In return, you get the chance to work with some of the best brains in the business and a level of freedom and responsibility rarely available at this stage in your career. There’s plenty on other in terms of package and perks too but I’ll be worried if this is your primary driver.

Lots of ads say this but this really is the chance to get in somewhere special. If I was still working as a commercial designer (and was ** years younger! (And had the talent!!)) it is absolutely the role I’d be shooting for.

If you think you should be in with a shout, drop me a line with your CV and some examples of work and let’s talk!


Name: Darren
Telephone: 07967129802
Published: 5th July, 2018