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POS Designer


Ok, so if you’re a red-hot FMCG/POS/packaging designer in Leeds, you’ve got options. Loads and loads of options. But wait, there’s a new kid in town and you might just want to pay attention…

Cards on the table then, two weeks ago I’d never heard of them but what I’ve found out since has been really impressive. Already a team of 30+ people, a stable of HUGE name clients and some of the most ambitious, forward thinking and highly motivated individuals you’ll find anywhere in the city.

They’ve seemingly developed a really tight culture in time too. People work REALLY hard but they’re happy, there’s a shared purpose and a rare energy to the place. Like I said, I’ve been impressed!

It’s fair to say then, that things have gone well and now they need to bring a POS specialist in to help them kick on even further.

Working with some of the world’s biggest FMCG brands means delivering creative solutions that work. This is where you come in. Ideas are currency here and you’re full of them and you’ll be able to prove it too with a portfolio of work that raises eyebrows and elicits envious glances from across the room.

You’ll have likely spent time – at least 4 years or so – in another specialist creative agency but importantly, you’re now ready to jump in at the deep end, take the lead on projects and push the boundaries of what can be done.

Fancy it? I’d love to talk to you if you do…


Name: Darren
Telephone: 07967129802
Published: 27th October, 2017