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Senior Designer

Richmond, London

In the heart of West London’s beautiful Richmond there’s a B2B agency that are making waves.

The old days of dry, grey and boring B2B communications are gone – these guys are ushering in a new dawn of bright, engaging and super effective B2B content marketing that hits hard and gets results. With some 40 odd of them already, they’re growing so now’s your chance to join the party!

You’ll have portfolio that’s fresh, engaging and full of work that’s both beautifully crafted and brilliantly conceived. Importantly you’ll be looking for a opportunity to add to that work – and even better it. You’ll almost certainly get that opportunity here.

Design fundamentals are really important – particularly typography – and whilst their work covers both digital and print, we’re looking for a designer that can see past that, someone with their finger on the pulse of emerging technologies and how they might be leveraged to gain cut through and ultimately deliver really effective communications

All in all this is a role you can definitely get your teeth into. It’ll push your thinking and your craftsman(or woman)ship to the max, enabling you to deliver projects you, the team and the client can be super proud of.

Sound like something you’d be up for? Drop me a line or give me a call and let’s have a chat.


Name: Darren
Telephone: 07967129802
Published: 20th May, 2016