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Senior Front-end Developer

If you’re a kick-ass front-end developer, you’ve got a boatload of options in Leeds at the moment and there’s a stack of reasons why you wouldn’t want to pursue this one – they’re out of the city centre (about 3 miles North), you’ll be the only dedicated developer in the team, and their expectation of quality, innovation and effectiveness is amongst the highest in the around.
To say there are ‘easier’ options would be an understatement!
Still reading? Good. That means you’re up for something a bit different, a chance to make your mark – here is a place where you’ll definitely get that!
So, the nitty-gritty… When it comes to brand communications – both visually and strategically – this agency has some of the finest minds in the business and your role is all about delivering the digital manifestation of that. That means EVERYTHING – from the builds themselves through to the testing, measuring and tweaking along the way. You won’t be alone, though. You’ll be surrounded by designers well versed in web, front-end, motion and 3D design.
Your CV should have all the usual acronyms – HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP (SASS and Gulp would be nice, too) but above all else, you have a genuine thirst for knowledge – constantly striving for better, faster and more effective solutions.
It won’t be a cake walk but the rewards, and awards, are plenty. Up for it?
Drop me a line or give me a call to find more.


Name: Darren
Telephone: 07967129802
Published: 28th October, 2018